Indian women wearing Traditional Manipuri dress

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Make Your Wedding Special With Manipuri Traditional Dress

The North-Eastern Indian state of Manipur is well-known for its cultural and historical significance, reflected in the region's traditional clothing. Dressing in the traditional dress of Manipur is a great way to include a sense of elegance and heritage into your wedding while also honouring the state's distinct culture.

Besides being India's highest bamboo production state, Manipur is known for having the highest number of handicraft units and skilled artisans. No wonder why Manipuri traditional dresses are so popular across India. They are hand woven from start to finish.

Let's look at how popular Manipuri traditional dresses are at weddings.

How Should I Choose My Manipuri Traditional Dress for Weddings?

Before choosing, prioritise these five characteristics in your traditional Manipuri wedding dress.

  1. Design: Manipurese traditional clothing is well-known for the elaborate patterns and decorations that draw inspiration from the surrounding natural world.
  2. Colour: Although the most common are red, green, yellow, blue, and orange, pick a shade that brings out your best features and makes you feel like a million bucks on your special day.
  3. Fabric: It's crucial to pick a dress made from a high-quality fabric that will drape gracefully and allow you to feel at ease throughout the ceremony.
  4. Fit: A well-fitting dress will be comfortable and not too tight or loose, so take care when selecting one. Making sure you can move freely and enjoy yourself on your wedding day is why finding the perfect fit is so crucial.
  5. Matching Accessories: Manipuri women often accessorise their traditional attire with shell and bead jewellery. This jewellery is also embroidered in keeping with the dress's customary embellishments.

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    Exploring the Rich Colors and Culture of Manipuri Traditional Dress

    Traditional clothing in Manipur is a dazzling display of colour and pattern. Using bright, eye-catching hues is one of the defining characteristics of traditional Manipuri attire. Traditional attire of Manipur is a riot of colour, from the deep reds of the Phanek to the sunny yellows of the Innaphi.

    Indian women wearing Traditional Manipuri dress

    How do Manipuri Couple Dress in Traditional Wedding Dresses?

    This is one of the most important days of your life, and we want you to feel as stunning and secure in your wedding gown as possible. However, you want your wedding to have a traditional and sophisticated air. In that case, one option is to have the bride and groom wear traditional Manipuri attire.

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    Manipuri Bride's Traditional Wedding Dress

    Unless you're well-versed in Manipuri fashion, picking out a wedding dress from the region's rich cultural heritage might be stressful.

    Let's have a look at the top three dresses to bring some ease.

    Number 1: Innaphi - Manipuri Traditional Dress for Girls

    Women traditionally wear Phanek, a long wrap skirt and a shirt. The Phanek is commonly crafted from silk and decorated with elaborate designs stitched using various techniques.

    Number 2: Phanek - Manipuri Traditional Dress From Women

    Women also wear a rectangular piece of cloth called an Innaphi, wrapped around their hips and legs. Commonly, the Innaphi is crafted from silk and adorned with elaborate embroidery.

    Number 3: Potloi - Manipuri Traditional Wedding Dress for Young Girls and Women

    The dress has a thick, cylinder-shaped skirt embellished with sequins and mirrors. The skirt is typically constructed from actual fabric like silk or cotton and embellished with sequins and mirrors for a glittering, iridescent look.

    Indian women wearing Traditional Manipuri dress

    The elaborate geometric patterns created by sewing the sequins and mirrors onto the cloth make the outfit stand out as something special at weddings.

    There are also a number of categories from which to choose.


    Manipuri Groom's Traditional Wedding Dress

    Manipuri men traditionally wear a dhoti and kurta to their weddings since the combination symbolises purity and good fortune. Traditional jewellery, a turban, and other accessories are common additions to the dress, highlighting the wearer's cultural history and enhancing the outfit's already elegant appearance.

    What is so Special About Manipuri traditional Wedding Dresses?

    The traditional dresses of Manipur are suitable for the wedding ceremony since it is not only elegant and traditional but also comfortable and breathable. The outfit works equally well for more formal events, including weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies.

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    Where to Buy Manipuri Traditional Dress for Weddings Online?

    If you are looking to purchase a traditional Manipuri dress for your wedding. You will look at places like,

    1. Online Retailers
    2. Custom Designers
    3. Online Marketplace

    Fortunately, The Indian Couture is your one-stop shop for anything you could possibly need. Moreover, we also customise traditional wedding dresses on request.

    Dozens of shararas, ghararas, suits, and other bridal wedding attire have been custom-designed by us. Please tell us what you need and how you want it done.

    Let us help you look and feel like a princess on your wedding day with our custom tailoring services for Manipuri traditional attire.

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