About Us

The Indian Couture (TIC) is a traditional Indian wear brand focused on creating apparels with a timeless appeal, which is reflected in all its collections. The brand brings forth its signature style visible in the sophisticated range of Indian bridal wear, party wear, and festive wear that is meticulously handcrafted. The designs mirror the soul of India with the use of exquisite traditional crafts that are elaborately designed over high quality fabrics.

Our Story

Samina Khan - The Indian Couture

Founder, Samina Khan formerly ran this venture as an independent boutique named ‘Elegance’. Right from an early age, Samina was enchanted with nature in all its glory and the great Indian crafts.

For her designs, she drew inspiration from the varied colour palettes, the play of fabrics, and the gorgeous textures all around her. Originally hailing from Rampur (Uttar Pradesh, India) - a place also known as the City of Nawabs, Samina found herself drawn to the intricacies of traditional Indian wear and the beauty behind handmade designs. Her passion for traditional Indian craftsmanship and the use of needlework to create fascinating designs such as Zardozi, Applique, and other forms of embroidery set her creative juices flowing. Her natural flair for fashion gave her the direction to begin her business initially catering the local customers.

Despite Samina’s modest beginnings, she grew her business vastly among a niche set of buyers. Samina stuck to her values of offering authentic Indian wear which is glamorous while reviving forgotten skills of India. Samina’s dedication has led to the revival of traditional Indian methods of needlework such as Applique, Zardozi, or the intricately woven Zari. Her designs are exclusively focused on adorning beautiful fabrics with such needlework done by expert artisans. The Indian Couture sources only the highest quality craftsmanship and natural talents.

The skilled artisans then craft the rich and high quality fabrics painstakingly, giving way to clothes that are nothing short of a work of art! The Indian Couture which was previously known to it's customers as Elegance now employs 40+ artisans that specialize in Indian bridal wear, party wear, and exclusive customized designs. The Indian Couture has now made its way online thereby catering to consumers all over India. The venture has plans to take the Indian traditional wear to the world in the near future while taking measured steps to retain authenticity.

Why we are Exclusive

Our fabrics are of the finest quality and are decorated with Zardozi, Applique, Gota, and other forms of hand embroidery. The Indian Couture designs are made in-house with no replicas available across India.

TIC is proud of its extensive use of Zardozi in its creations. Zardozi is a type of heavy metal embroidery on beautiful fabrics such as silk and satin and makes the use of gold and silver threads. The designs are further hand-stitched to include precious stones or beads. As the process is laborious, this type of ‘gold-sewing’ requires the finest craftsmen along with designs that highlight the best of this craft. The Indian Couture’s Zardozi work on wedding wear, be it ghararas or lehengas brings the sparkle and shine to every special occasion. It’s no wonder the TIC’s designs are in demand amongst bride-to-be and fashion connoisseurs.

The brand has also revived the traditional Applique technique which is a decorative form of embroidery. Here, an expert craftsman is able to sew different pieces of fabric together on a larger garment to create stunning designs that are exclusive to the wearer. Just like any other traditional form of design, the Applique technique is uniquely rare and can be created in a variety of styles.

The Indian Couture - Ethnic wear Designs

Reviving the dying arts

The Indian Couture is also conscious of its impact on the community. The brand has raised attention on handcrafted designs and the importance of sustaining the dying form of craftsmanship. TIC thus attracts conscious buyers who have a fine taste for designs that are crafted for royalty.

Samina envisions the company’s expansion at a moderate pace. Not willing to be a part of the ‘fast fashion’ concept that is popular in today’s times, Samina promises to continue her passion for handcrafted designs that cater to a niche crowd. As they are made entirely by hand, the designs cannot be mass-produced for commercial success. “Quality over quantity” is the motto adhered to by The Indian Couture which sets itself apart from brands scrambling to embrace fast fashion causing artisans to fade into oblivion.

The Indian Couture was launched in 2022 to bring the wonders of authentic Indian wear online to fashion-conscious consumers across India. The brand is aimed at all consumers who value handcrafted designs that are breathtakingly beautiful and made to perfection.

The Indian Couture includes three segments to its offerings.

  • Bahaar - Our collection of dresses for you to stand out at events at home, office or festivals.
  • Farozan - A collection for those grand occasions when you want to look glorious in rich Indian wear.
  • Nayaab - Our premium collection of luxurious ensemble that exude royal charm.

Our range includes ready-to-wear and customizable garments.


As a brand, The Indian Couture (TIC) is focused on a mission to be the one-stop-shop for authentic Indian wear that offers designs and craftsmanship exuding royalty. We, at TIC, hold the revival of Indian handcrafted traditional wear as a mission close to our heart. We aim to bridge the gap between highly skilled artisans and those consumers yearning for authentic traditional Indian designs. We also employ 50% women staff as a part of our mission to create equal opportunities for all.


The Indian Couture (TIC) holds a vision to be a trusted name that delivers the finest quality traditional Indian wear crafted to perfection. We have a long-term vision to revive traditional art forms while widening its reach to consumers and raising consciousness in purchasing habits.