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Everything About Rajasthani Traditional Dress

What's so special about Rajasthan?

Suppose you love altruistic culture, spectacular forts, royal palaces, scintillating food, and traditional costumes. In that case, you will still think of men and women in traditional dresses. And if you keenly follow destination weddings of celebrities, you would know how these traditional dresses for men and women glorify the royal palaces of Udaipur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, etc.

Traditionally dressed Rajisthani women performing traditional Rajisthani rituals

And who can forget the Ghoomar dance and folk music? And these practices are primarily rewarded for their efforts and courage at weddings. In their Rajasthani traditional dress, folk singers and dancers add an ethereal charm to the wedding ceremony.

Rajasthani traditional dresses are world-renowned. The affection in Rajasthani culture is not found anywhere else in the world. And Rajasthani weddings are an example of how today's generations can be rooted in their culture and tradition.

Rajasthani culture is well-known for its vibrant colours and unique, traditional dresses.

Let's combine recent cultural and fashion trends with historical information on Rajasthani traditional dresses.

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What is so Special About Traditional Rajasthani Wedding Dresses?

India is rich with a culture of diversified notions. Every state has its own charm of traditional dresses. But there is something unique about Rajasthani traditional dress. It's the simplicity that grabs our attention.

Ancient forts, marble palaces, lush gardens, cinematic pavilions, calm lakes, and sand dunes in the desert state provide distinctive locations and unmatched backdrops for any occasion. Weddings are sacred to the bride and groom and to all the invited guests and neighbourhood. Everyone plans their traditional dresses in their own way.

Most of the girls like the customisation of their dresses. Therefore, the bridesmaids preorder traditional dresses for women in advance with due consideration to all the rituals and pre-wedding events like Haldi, sangeet, etc.

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Rajasthani Traditional wedding rituals performed buy Rajasthani women

All of these preparations make Rajasthani wedding dresses appear charming. They remain the centre of attraction throughout the ceremonies.

How do Rajasthani Couple Dress in Traditional Wedding Dresses

The Bride's Traditional Wedding Dress

The traditional dress for women in a Rajasthani wedding is Lehenga. It's a three-piece garment that comprises a ghagra, choli, and dupatta. The ghagra is a full-length, pleated, embroidered skirt with zari work in a wide range of hues, patterns, and materials, including silk, cotton, georgette, and crêpe.

This royal feel and zeal is a portrayal of a love of traditions. Rajasthani weddings are incomplete without this lovely traditional dress for girls. The ghagra also incorporates antique borders and Jaipuri gota-patti work to convey royal splendour. It is complemented by peculiar traditional jewellery and footwear.

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The Groom's Traditional Wedding Dress

Men, like women, wear a colourful traditional Rajasthani wedding dress. It comprises a dhoti or pyjama draped like a loincloth between the legs and knotted around the waist. Then an Angarkha, a robe-style with a panel on the outside, is tied, covering the breast. Then, there is Patka (waistband) and Kamarbandh, which most grooms adorn.

Wedding rituals performed by a Rajisthani bride and groom in traditional clothing

There are a lot of flares and loose lengths that give a tremendous appearance. It is mainly inspired by royal Rajput weddings. If we couple it with men's ornaments and footwear, the Rajasthani traditional dress feels serene and royal. Now, the groom is ready to walk hand-in-hand with the bride.

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Where to Buy Rajasthani Traditional Dresses for Weddings Online?

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