Women wearing hand-embroidered farshi ghararas

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Everything You Need to Know About Bridal Farshi Gharara

During the Nawabs' reign, the Awadh region of Uttar Pradesh was the birthplace of the gharara. Another chapter of history reminisces the ordeal of traditional dresses for women from the epitome of Lucknowi Adab(culture), exquisite mouth-watering cuisines, and chikan suits.

One such traditional royal dress for girls is the farshi gharara. It is also known in Hindi, Bengali, and Urdu (formerly the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh in North India).

Farshi is an Urdu term that has originated from an Arabic word called 'farsh', meaning mat or sheet spread on the floor. So, farshi would imply 'something accustomed to the floor' since farshi gharara is a traditional bottom-wear dress with a loose and wide flare. It has long, flared legs generously falling on the ground and trailing as one walks.

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Tell Me More About Farshi Gharara Designs

Muslim women in the Hindi-Urdu Belt wore the gharara as part of their daily clothing in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Regarded initially as an Awadh traditional dress, bridal Farshi gharara gained popularity in Pakistan and Bangladesh when famous personalities wore designer gharara on special occasions. Today, they are mostly worn at weddings.

Women wearing hand-embroidered farshi ghararas

The farshi gharara designs were always the talking points of every wedding. These designs add a mellifluous charm to the bride's overall stature.

The entire outfit comprises three essential components:

  • The kurta, a long shirt.
  • The dupatta is a long stole that covers the head and chest in traditional Indian dress.
  • The third and most significant component is the farshi pyjama, a flowing two-legged skirt fastened by drawstrings.

The gota, or knee area in Hindi and Urdu, is frequently ornately embroidered with zari and zardozi work.

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So, Gharara and Sharara Are the Same Things, Right?

A big fat NO.

The difference is not in the similarity of the pronunciation, but the difference of it.

Still didn't get me?

Let me clarify it further for you.

But before that, let me ask you a quick question.

Do you remember Pooh from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham?

Yeah, our very own Bebo, Karina Kapoor Khan.

Who wouldn't remember that iconic scene?

If your eyes had paid attention to details, you'd have figured out that she wore Sharara in that scene.

But people confused it with Gharara while getting one of themselves.

It happens.

Now that you have already learned about Gharara in the previous heading, I will briefly describe Sharara and highlight the differences.

Sharara has no joint at the knee. It is fitted at the waist and hangs loose like a pyjama. Flares at the bottom of the Sharara, giving it a classy look. The length is smaller than the gharara.

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Check Out Farshi Gharara Pics From Our Past Designs

You will love these traditional and classy farshi gharara pics of designs we have customised for our customers.

Women wearing hand-embroidered farshi ghararasWomen wearing hand-embroidered farshi ghararasWomen wearing hand-embroidered farshi ghararas

They will serve two benefits to you:

1) You can easily pick the one you like.

2) You can take inspiration from these farshi gharara designs and develop your idea of the gharara you want for your wedding. We are here to listen to you and help you with everything we can offer.

What is the Process of Farshi Gharara Cutting?

Since each leg of a traditional farshi gharara requires 12 metres of fabric, it requires extra awareness while farshi gharara cutting.

Interestingly, farshi gharara cutting is a defined process that will deliver the best results while stitching. If we carefully follow the process, stitching will gradually become more manageable. Since we also take customised farshi gharara orders, we have quite an expertise in farshi gharara cutting.

Where to Buy Farshi Gharara Online for Weddings?

The Indian Couture is the best space to buy farshi gharara online. We have a wide range of farshi gharara designs customised for our customers.

We make custom bridal farshi gharara

Having done personal customisations on our customers' special requests, we have strong expertise in delivering excellence for your special day. So if you require a customised bridal farshi gharara, we can get it done for you.



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