Traditional Maharashtrian wedding dress worn by a Maharashtrian woman

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Everything About Traditional Maharashtrian Wedding Dress 

We often say, "A match made in heaven." But we meet on the earth. And you can't let this one-in-a-lifetime event go without putting in your best efforts for your looks, especially at your Maharashtrian wedding. 

Closeup Maharashtrian marriage ceremony

Maharashtrians have a strong belief in heritage and culture. As a Mumbaikar, two things can define elegance on your wedding day. Firstly, the colour of the traditional dress you choose. And secondly, the fit. While the former is the sole bride's or the groom's choice, the fit is defined by the store you choose to customise your dress. With the growing fashion trend, brides desire a sobre look with the latest designs and customizations in their traditional dresses. 

Let's blend in some history with the latest trends in culture and fashion. 

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What is so Special About Traditional Maharashtrian Wedding Dresses?

A bride walking on the floor with rose petals

Traditional Maharashtrian wedding dress is about being grounded with the soul of culture and traditions. The religious aura spread around the ambience is one to watch out for. The decorations, the colours, and the flowers, all sing chorus of the diversified customs of the Maharashtrian wedding. But the thing that grabs the most attention is everyone draped in their traditional Maharashtrian wedding dress. These marriages serve as proof of elegance being the centre of simplicity. 

Originating from the Paithan district of Maharashtra, Maharashtrian brides mostly wear Paithani Saree on their wedding day. While the brides like to wear their traditional attire on their wedding day, they typically don lehenga or gharara for the reception day.

A bride and a groom holding hands


Although Nauvari Saree has leveraged and become the most famous traditional Maharashtrian dress for a daily routine, invited guests to wear Paithani sarees to weddings. 

Additionally, the bridesmaids provide their share of traditional attire to the celebration. They gracefully and elegantly honour the auspicious day while expressing their inner beauty. 

Traditionally, Maharashtrian brides wear yellow and green outfits to signify happiness and prosperity. 

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How do Maharashtrian Couple Dress in Traditional Wedding Dresses 

The Groom's Traditional Wedding Dress

The groom mostly dresses in the customary traditional Maharashtrian wedding dress that has been followed for an entirety. In addition, he wears a dhoti kurta. Most of the time, the dress's colour is white. Still, since Maharashtrian weddings mainly occur during the daytime, different lighter colours can also be a suitable individual choice. But that obviously has to be the groom's wisdom because eventually, he is styling that dresses at the end of the day. He also wears a stole around his neck that resembles the bride's sari in colour and has a thin gold border. In addition, the groom wears a Nehru cap or a red-beaded Mundavalya, enhancing his aura from top to bottom. 

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The Bride's Traditional Wedding Dress 

The best thing about traditional Maharashtrian wedding dress for women is how well it complements the groom's dress. The brides wear a Paithani or Nauvari saree, splashing colourful, positive vibes to the wedding. Gracing it with colourful bangles and floral mundavalya breathes elegance and grace into the colourful night. We can't take our eyes off the bride even if the moon is full.


Traditional Maharashtrian wedding dress worn by a Maharashtrian woman

Where to Buy Traditional Dresses for Weddings Online? 

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