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Don't Buy Punjabi Traditional Dress Before Knowing This

The wedding season is in full bloom. In Katrina, Deepika and Anushka Sharma, we have seen some lovely Punjabi brides over the years. And the most talked about topic was their designer wedding dress. But before buying your Punjabi traditional wedding dress, you deserve to know the truth.

And you want to end 2022 on a high and make it memorable. In that case, your Punjabi traditional dress will play a significant role.

Let me tell you how!

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You Knew This But Did Not Notice Earlier

Psychology says that the attires we choose to reflect our self-belief. They tell us how we feel, and at times, they reflect our personality, character, mood, style, and what we are. And one of the most beautiful things about a wedding is that not just the bride and groom but everyone attending the wedding is equally excited. That's because we remember weddings even ages later. We love posting wedding selfies on social media and also looking at wedding albums.

Punjabi Bride and groom wearing traditional Punjabi dress

We have all heard for ages that red is the colour of love. Right? Red indeed is of utmost significance between a couple, whether newlyweds or those celebrating silver jubilee. As strange as it may sound, red is evergreen at weddings and in our lives. From the colour of mehndi to roses. From the fire rituals to the sindoor. From the wedding dress to the dupatta, red is all around.

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How Should I Choose My Punjabi Traditional Wedding Dress?

Traditional Punjabi wedding dresses are indeed something special. From vibrant colours to intricate embroidery, these dresses exude elegance and grace.

The girl wears a lehenga or long gown, while the groom completes his look with a sherwani set and a turban on his head.

Chura sets and heavy jewellery are also necessary components of Punjabi wedding attire. It is believed to bring good luck charms with the new brides.

Suppose you're the bride's or the groom's sibling. In that case, your choice should reflect your personality while complementing the ambience and the setup. Like the groom and bride complement each other with their attires, you can similarly choose to complement them. And not to forget, you will get more opportunities to feature next to them in family photographs.

Traditional Panjabi attire worn by a Punjabi bride and groom

Also, the couple stands out from the crowd because of their outstanding makeup and gorgeous hairdo. This is one of the best matches if you want to give your Punjabi wedding dress more meaning.

The bridal makeup also adds grace and a touch of tradition to your unique look for the special day.

How do Punjabi Couple Dress in Traditional Wedding Dresses

The Punjabi Bride's Traditional Wedding Dress

Punjabi brides often wear bright red and gold, with beautiful designs of birds, flowers, and other intricate patterns. The sari or lehenga is usually made of silk and cotton and is often adorned with beaded and sequined work.

Most brides desire some custom work done on their lehenga to pay respect to their cultural roots while following their traditions will complete justice.

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The Punjabi Groom's Traditional Wedding Dress

As for the groom, he wears a traditional kurta and pyjama, with a matching turban. The colours usually range from beiges, whites, and light blues. No Punjabi wedding is complete without these beautiful traditional garments.

The groom always adorns sherwani with a shawl to grace his special day in a royal look. They add it with customised footwear, often called a Jooti with a pointed tip.

Traditional Punjabi juti for Groom

What is so Special About Traditional Punjabi Wedding Dresses?

The clothing is frequently embellished with fine beadwork, delicate embroidery, and stunning motifs. The colours stand for joy and happiness and are frequently vibrant and upbeat. These dresses are something to appreciate and wear with pride because the fabrics used to construct them are frequently prosperous and of the highest calibre.

Women wearing Traditional Punjabi dress


The colours and designs used for these garments are truly one-of-a-kind and make the traditional Punjabi wedding dress a unique and distinctive wedding dress.

Where to Buy Punjabi Traditional Dress for Weddings Online?

TIC specialises in custom designing of lehengas. That's why The Indian Couture is the best space to buy Punjabi traditional dresses for your wedding. Our team is experienced in working on custom-based requests and designs.

We make custom bridal wedding dresses for the bride to enhance her beauty and grace in her perfect fit and stylish dress.  

Our collection is a work of art because of the recommendations of our customers. So, you will likely love our customised designs that add extra comfort to your Punjabi wedding dress.





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