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India is also known as  "A Land of Festivals" , As Indians love to celebrate and take part in every special occasion, no matter what, we are always ready to show up in our best and most fashionable attire to applaud the spectacle. And this is the reason why ethnic clothing is especially linked to Indian festivals like Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid, Dusshera, Christmas, Holi, Rakshabandhan, and so on.


So, it would not be incorrect to say that a traditional attire is a must for any Indian festival. Everyone pays great attention to their outfits throughout the Indian festive season. Indian ethnic wear is more than simply a gorgeous fashion option; it is a reflection of Indian tradition, the core of our culture and value system, as well as our rich, multilayered past.

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While sarees will always be a staple of Indian holiday attire, this season is all about designer floor-length anarkalis and dresses in opulent-looking brocades and silk. The latest fashion features intricate accents like tassel or embroidery. Solid brocade clothing is always in fashion. Brocade pieces may be mixed and matched, and you can play with colour combinations to make a new costume each time. Fashion-forward elements include pastel hues, layered shapes, and few distinctive ornaments. To give the outfit a contemporary edge, traditional mirror or booti embroidery in vivid and eye-catching motifs works great.


Apart from all these there are many more styles which you can adopt for the festival look, so here with The Indian couture, let’s see what you can style and how.



Mixing and matching your clothes and accessories is always enjoyable. Combining two or more designs results in a fashion trend that is utterly captivating and attention-grabbing. It is known as the Fusion trend in the fashion industry. Fusion outfits are popular right now, from streets to the high-end couture. The elegance, exclusivity, and simplicity of fusion dresses for women leave everyone speechless.

Fusion tops online for women are a must-see if you're looking for something brand-new, exciting, and wholly unique. You have a myriad of alternatives to consider in terms of colour, print, fabric, fit, occasion, and style. Simply get in and enjoy a voyage through stunning women's ethnic clothing.

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Fusion garments are suitable for all ages and locations, and can be worn to any event. Girls' fusion wear tunics are always fashionable, no matter the time of year or the style that's now in vogue. In India, you may easily buy tunics online for ethnic wear because there are so many reputable online retailers to choose from. You can choose from a variety of styles, such as a silk peplum top, velvet cold shoulder top, lace off-the-shoulder crop top, or a long top with bell sleeves. Make a stylish and original impression wherever you go with these lovely tees.



Festive lehenga cholis  are the most apparent choice for women to wear on festivals since they are simple and light weighted, allowing you to prance without weighing you down. Despite being the most obvious ethnic festive wear and with myriads of choices available in fabric , Finding a perfect lehenga choli for women that suits the occasion is quite challenging.

For Diwali, a deep-hued or sequined festive lehenga choli is appropriate, but not for Holi. For daytime events, buy vibrant lehenga cholis with thread work embroidery. Though it's hard to find such a wide range of festive lehenga choli pieces in stores, however you may get most of them online without leaving the comfort of your home!

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These days, the sharara suit is the most popular traditional Indian garment. However, for Indian women, this is nothing new. Since the period of the Mughals, the sharara has been a part of India's cultural history.The traditional way of wearing a Sharara garment has evolved along with the ever-shifting tides of style.

The modern Sharara is paired with hip-length Kurtis or cholis of different patterns, and the look is completed with a dupatta. To meet the interests and needs of today's lady, new designers are creating party-wear Sharara suits with simpler designs that may be worn to casual parties and gatherings. The simple and sophisticated patterns of party-wear Sharara suits can eliminate your festive costume anxieties and make you feel more confident than before.


The Indian Couture is the place from where you can get exactly what you want as we have a dedicated team of experienced artisans and designers who work together to deliver the best quality customized outfits.


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