Indian women wearing hand embroidered sharara dress

5 Top Sharara Dress for Women and Girls | TIC Blog

5 Top Sharara Dress for Women and Girls | TIC Blog

Indian women have worn sharara dresses for ages because of their ability to be both fashionable and functional. A sharara dress may elevate your look whether you're heading to a wedding, a festival, or just going about your day. However, selecting the ideal Gharara & sharara dress for women might take time due to the abundance of alternatives.

To help you discover the ideal dress for any event, we have produced a list of the five best shararas available for girls and women. The shararas in this list range from modest and stylish to elaborately embroidered. The following five sharara dresses are sure to get you noticed.

1: Embroidered Sharara Suit - Wedding Special Sharara Dress for Women and Girls

Girls and women often wear elaborately embroidered sharara outfits to formal events like weddings and festivals. The beautiful embroidered work on the Kurti elevates the classic sharara outfit to the next level. Depending on the design of the Kurti, the embroidery might be as basic as a flower motif or as complex as a paisley.

This style of sharara dress for women is typically crafted from silk and georgette, two opulent fabrics that contribute to the garment's refined and glamorous vibe. The sharara pants, which match the Kurti, provide the outfit with a polished and complete look. In addition, the loose-fitting pants are simple to move about in, making them ideal for parties and dances.

Nothing beats the classic beauty of an embroidered sharara suit for formal events like weddings and festivals. It's the ideal outfit for creating a bold fashion statement and standing out from the crowd because of the combination of its luxury fabrics, elaborate embroidery, and flattering cut.

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2: Printed Sharara Suit - Sharara Set for Women

You can go right with a printed sharara dress for everyday wear. Designs on the prints might be as simple as geometric shapes or as complex as detailed patterns.

Women and young girls often wear printed sharara suits for everyday and informal attire. You may easily choose a sharara dress that suits your own style thanks to the wide variety of prints available.

This sharara dress for women is ideal for casual, day-to-day use because it is typically crafted from breathable fabrics like cotton. The Kurti is matched with sharara pants for a polished and harmonious effect. The roomy pants relax and allow you to go about your day quickly.

Women who prefer to dress in an understated yet fashionable manner will find printed sharara suits an excellent alternative. Sharara dresses for women can be dressed for usual and special occasions with a few simple additions of accessories. They go well with classic accessories like bangles and hoops and contemporary ones like a bold necklace or scarf.

A printed Gharara & sharara suit for women is a chic and functional choice for your everyday wardrobe. It's ideal for working women who value comfort without sacrificing style, thanks to its flattering cut, a wide range of prints, and simple silhouette that complements a wide range of accessories.

3: Anarkali Sharara Suit - The Perfect Party Wear Sharara for Women

The Anarkali sharara suit fuses the class of the Anarkali kurti with the ease of the sharara dress for women. This sharara style is commonly seen at weddings and other formal gatherings.

One cannot overstate the elegance and ease of wearing an Anarkali sharara suit. It's magnificent and one-of-a-kind because it fuses the traditional beauty of an Anarkali Kurti with the comfort and ease of a sharara. The Kurti has an hourglass form that is accentuated by its fitting bust and flared hem. In addition, the sharara trousers are very roomy, making them easy to move around.

Indian women wearing hand embroidered sharara dress

The party-wear Gharara & sharara dress for women is ideal for wedding parties since it combines elegance and ease. On the other hand, the Kurti is perfect for formal, opulent occasions because of the elaborate motifs and embellishments that elevate the garment to the level of a showpiece. In addition, the loose and comfortable fit of the sharara pants ensures that the user can focus on the event.

The Anarkali sharara suit can be dressed up or down to fit the situation. Moreover, it can be accessorised in traditional or modern ways, depending on what you choose to wear with it.

Moreover, the Anarkali sharara suit is a stunning and one-of-a-kind ensemble that combines the best features of the Anarkali Kurti and the sharara. Any woman who wishes to make a stylish statement and shine at black-tie occasions can only go with the unique sharara dress for women.

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4: Kurti and Sharara Set - The Enchanting Sharara Dress for Girls

You can't get more understated and chic than the Kurti and Sharara set. This outfit is made for you if you're a girl who likes to keep things simple yet look stylish. The simple Kurti and sharara pants go together beautifully, creating an understated and chic sharara dress for women.

Girls can wear sharara dresses day in and day out without boredom. The Kurti can be worn down for a daytime outing by wearing it with flats and little jewellery or dressed up for an evening out by donning heels and bold jewellery.

A simple Kurti allows users to make a statement with their accessories and makeup. The sharara pant is excellent for girls who value comfort and style. It's a wardrobe staple for a good reason: it goes with everything, provides all-day comfort, and requires minimal effort.

5: Designer Sharara Suit - The Perfect Dress for Women and Ladies

Special events call for the exquisite tailoring and one-of-a-kind embellishments of a designer sharara suit. Stylish and luxurious sharara suits from a renowned designer. These sharara dresses for women are a cut above the rest because they have been produced by hand by talented artisans and include one-of-a-kind patterns and decorations.

Each designer sharara suit is a piece of art thanks to the labour-intensive needlework, meticulous beadwork, and striking decorations adorn each.

Designer Sharara Dress for 13-Year Girl


A designer sharara dress for a 12-13 year-old girl is the perfect blend of modesty and grace, perfect for marking a special occasion or event. Your girl will feel like a princess in this custom-made sharara, created by talented designers with love and care. From the thoughtfully sourced fabric to the precisely placed embellishments, everything about this dress is meant to bring out your daughter's inner and outer beauty and make her feel like a shining star. Get your 12-year-old daughter a designer sharara to celebrate her birthday in style and let her feel beautiful inside and out.

Indian girl wearing hand embroidered sharara dress

A designer sharara is an ideal way to add a touch of elegance and grace, whether a family gathering, a wedding special, or just a day when she wants to feel especially special. She will feel like a princess in her new designer sharara.

Custom-Designed Sharara Suit for Baby Girl

A custom-designed sharara suit for a baby girl is a unique and memorable gift that will make her feel like a princess. These shararas for infant girls are tailor-made to order, so they can be created to reflect the little girl's aspirations in life. A newborn girl's sharara, whether for her special events or to add to her wardrobe, is a present that will be remembered and appreciated for a long time.

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Where to Buy Authentic Sharara Dress for Women Online

Finding genuine sharara garments for ladies might be challenging, especially if you want to be sure you're getting a high-quality item. The good thing is that because of the development of technology, you can easily buy genuine sharara dresses online. However, these are your options while searching for authentic sharara dresses for women.

  1. Online Ethnic Wear Retailers
  2. Designer Boutiques
  3. Online Marketplaces
  4. Local Boutiques

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