Indian women wearing hand embroidered Brocade gharara

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Brocade suit designs- A complete guide

Hey..!! if you are looking for trending ideas for upcoming festive and wedding season then you are at right place as. Indian celebrations and weddings represent opulence and luxury. Shararas and salwar kameez designs woven in brocade fabric in a variety of magnificent brilliant hues lend the ideal amount of richness and opulence to the festive attire.

Here in this article we are gonna talk about the types of brocade suits but before we hit talking  with respect to the blog’s topic we would like to introduce you about brocade first.

Brocade is a woven fabric with a raised floral or figured design that is inserted during the weaving process, typically using a Jacquard attachment. The design is usually produced in a satin or twill weave and appears solely on the fabric face. The fabric used for the background can be twill, satin, or plain weave. The rich, medium-weight fabric is commonly used for evening gowns, draperies, and upholstery.

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Enhance your look with trendy Brocade suits:

When it comes to the brocade there are numerous options available from which you can choose according to your taste for your upcoming wedding functions .Brocade fabric gives a very sophisticated look and you will be quite comfortable while wearing it. In order to curtail your confusion we are here with some of the great dressing ideas in Brocade fabric.

Indian women wearing hand embroidered Brocade gharara

Brocade sharara suits:

With wedding and festive season approaching, one ethnic garb that has lasted the test of time is unquestionably a sharara suit. The ethnic dress's popularity can be attributed to its statuesque shape and beautiful fall. While sharara suits have been popular for weddings for as long as we can remember, they are currently worn as statement-making ethnic clothing for casual, formal, and festive occasions. TIC has a superb selection of gorgeous brocade sharara suits in luxurious tones and eye-catching motifs to lighten up your wardrobe and your look. It is the ideal setting for ethnic fashion and artistic aspects to mingle with feminine grace.

Flared Brocade Shararas:

Who says brocade couldn't be flared? for sure , it  can and will turn out well.  and that is why we are suggesting you to choose a flared brocade sharara for your approaching festive occasions . When you want to look and feel charming in a vintage-styled ethnic outfit, a flared brocade Sharara suit would be just what you need. Our designers will definitely craft a suitable sharara suit for you.

Straight Brocade Shararas:

If you don't wanna wear a flared brocade sharara, then no worries.!! It would be absolutely your choice, you can always go for the trendy straight brocade sharara. Whether you go for a short or long Kurti with your sharara, the brocade fabric will make you look amazing.

Indian women wearing hand embroidered Brocade gharara

Brocade salwar suits:

One of the most cosy, lovely, and amazing traditional clothes that lends elegance to formal occasions is the brocade salwar kameez. Although the brocade salwar kameez's elaborate designs resemble embroideries, they are not sewed on like those. As the cloth is being woven on the loom, more weft strands are typically added to make brocade.

Brocade salwar kameez were previously exclusively found in silk materials, but as demand for them increased, manufacturers began producing them in other textiles as well. These suits are available in banarsi, silk, and cotton fabrics, which are now popular in the fashion world.

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Banarsi brocade suits:

The fabric of a Banarasi Brocade suit is lavishly decorated with raised patterns to create a pleasing appearance. Floral or geometric motifs are frequently woven into brocade cloth during the weaving process. The fabric face of a brocade is often woven with satin or twill .

However, they can also be seen on fabrics that are a combination of silk and other synthetic fibres. Brocade patterns are often woven on silk. It is a woven fabric with elaborate decorations. Rich designs are produced with brocade. This fabric is made from materials that have a high sheen and is reserved for traditional occasions

Everyone likes brocade suits just because of the intricate designs they have. Because of the intricate zari and beautiful gold work that is done on banarasi brocade, it is regarded as being heavy and rich. Because of this, women of all ages consider Banarasi brocade apparels appropriate for all occasions.

Have a look on this beautiful range of brocade suits by TIC:

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The Indian couture specializes in customizing the dresses according to your taste and requirements.We have already delivered dosens of  customize dresses for weddings and other traditional occasions.

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