Indian bride showing wedding lehenga sharara dress and jewelry

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It Feels Illegal to Not Know This About Sharara Dress 

What began as an amalgamation of traditional dresses and royal traditions has now evolved into a trend of ethnic fashion. From celebrities to social media influences, everyone loves to adorn bridal sharara dresses on their wedding day. And girls even wear sharara to others’ weddings and family events.

But what makes sharara such a popular choice among girls looking for traditional wedding dresses? Their trending fashionable designs. Their popularity among weddings and other traditional celebrations.

Sharara carried so much popularity throughout the 2000s that even a song from the movie ‘Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai’ was named and called the Sharara Song. The dress became a household name and women as well as kids as young as 5 wore it at wedding festivities.

In this blog, we’ll take you on a rollercoaster ride of the rise, the fall, and the ultimate global popularity of Sharara dresses.

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What is a Sharara Dress?

A sharara will appear like simple flared pants that have a lot of similarities with lehengas.

But can Keenu and Oranges be the same just because they look the same? Of course No.

Sharara is fitted at or mostly above the waist and has flares only at the bottom length that hang loose at the legs. Its length may or may not touch the floor. That’s why they are also known as lehenga pants in some parts of the world. And that’s a notable difference between sharara and gharara, where gharara sits well on the floor. 

Indian wedding lehenga sharara dress and jewelry

So, let us dive deep into the ocean of excellency that superimposes our love for traditional dresses and trending fashion designs.

So, in 2022, sharara is more than just traditional wedding dresses. They are the party pants now that governs a traditional feel. So, unlike gharara, shararas are loose around the thighs too and the flares flow freely down the leg. They add an ethereal grace and charm to the bride and look intuitively impressive. It sometimes gives the look of that a skirt too.

What is the Difference Between Sharara and Gharara?

People confuse sharara with gharara sometimes because they hardly know any difference. When in actuality, the noticeable differences are enough to figure out. 

But the confusion also persists because of the similarity of their syllables. They rhyme like poetry, ain’t they?


 Indian bride showing wedding lehenga sharara dress and jewelry

However, we’ll talk of a few noticeable differences between sharara and gharara to help you stop scratching your heads.

Wide-leg pants are the main component of the loose, flared sharara. These wide-leg pants are worn with a Kurti and a dupatta. The pants are seamless and have a free flow. The knees are not stitched.

Gharara is a pair of well-structured pants with a close-to-the-body fit up to the knee and a slight flair out there. Fit-and-flare clothing isn't for everyone, so it's possible that this is why it's less popular than sharara.

appiness and prosperity. 

Indian bride showing wedding Gharara dress and jewelry

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In simple words, sharara is fitted above the waist freely flowing through the ankle. Whereas gharara is fitted at the waist to the knees, and then joined with an extra piece of fabric that has heaps of flare styles on it. The joint is usually hidden with a gota or a bead embellishment to hide the joint and lace it with more beauty. This actually makes gharara heavier than sharara.

Let’s Dig Into Some History of Sharara Dress. Shall We?

Most of us misjudge sharara dress to be of Pakistani origin. But that’s untrue.

Although the sharara style has Lebanese roots, its ancestors can be found in Yemen's Hamedan tribe. It was mostly customised for queens and princesses of those periods.  With the rise of the Mughal aristocracy in the 16th century, it reached the Indian subcontinent.

Since the early 1960s, shararas have been playing peek-a-boo in the world of contemporary fashion. Many high-profile Pakistani and Bangladeshi political personalities graced wedding events in beautified sharara.

The growing trend has been greatly aided by Bollywood and its actresses. You might have heard, if not seen, the illustrious Meena Kumari in the cult classic film Pakeezah in the 1970s. And who can forget the glamorous Kareena Kapoor in the song "Bole Chudiyaan" in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham in the early 2000s? I bet you cannot do away with the Pooh and her memes even today. 

Is Sharara Still a Trendy Wedding Dress?

The iconic elegance of Deepika Padukone in Bajirao Mastani in the 2010s has revived this heart-throbbing elegance sharara dress to the mainstream media. The trend always makes a comeback due to its enduring majestic allure.

Quite recently, Ananya Pandey’s graceful pictures in a gorgeous silhouette sharara have been doing the rounds on social media. She has silently and slowly become a fashion icon whose traditional styling has set the tone for the younger generation of girls. It has generated more enthusiasm about traditional wedding dresses in them.

Those who are looking for traditional dresses for women in India, choose sharara, which are also sometimes called lehenga pants due to much resemblance. Sharara personifies both trending fashion and tradition as the best foot forward. Although sharara can be styled with a long Kurti as well, the real charm and elegance reside in the dress freely flowing from the waist to the floor. And long Kurti will only hinder its true essence.

Which Fabric is Best for Sharara?

Your attire will define your fashion statement for others.

But what will they bring to you? Comfort. Yes.

Your comfort should be unparalleled to pull off a heavily embellished shining armour kinda look of sharara dress on your wedding.

And fashion comes from the type of fabric used to create this magical dress for you.

There are four kinds of materials most popular with sharara.

  1. Cotton: Cotton ought to be your first option for casual and daily attire.
  2. Silk: Sits comfortably on your skin due to its soft texture and helps prevent skin diseases.
  3. Net: Very easy to carry due to its lightweight. And the sharara becomes breathable for you.
  4. Georgette: Georgette is widely used in designer garments because of its smooth, flowy appearance. They are of two types namely: Faux georgette, which is quite durable and lasts longer years, and Satin georgette, which makes it breathable and durable for all weather conditions.

How to Style Dupatta With Sharara?

You dupatta styling mostly depends upon the kind of jewellery you wear with sharara. Yet, there are many elegant ways to drape dupatta with sharara to add an ephemeral charm to your look.

  1. Drape the dupatta over your shoulder
  2. Tuck in the ends of the dupatta under your arm
  3. Drape it behind your shoulders
  4. Drape it across both the arms
  5. Sling it across one arm
  6. One-side shoulder drape

All of these dupatta styles add elegance and charm to your overall look.

Which Hairstyle Suits on Sharara?

Surveys will you that hair are the second-most appreciated trait of a bride after her makeup.  Thus, whether you Leave them natural, half-tie them, or style them in gentle curls, the eyes will be set on you. And you will also be asked about it for ages. So why not make it last worthwhile?

Here are a few traditionally proclaimed modern hairstyles that will suit your sharara dress.

  1. Side-partition bun - graceful because of its neat outlook
  2. High Puff with Curls towards the end
  3. Braided Bun
  4. French Braid
  5. Side Part, Loose Hair
  6. Crown Twirls on the edges of the forehead

Whatever hairstyle you choose to grace yourself with, let it be your choice. Your comfort and satisfaction matter more than any opinion.

Where to Buy Sharara Online for Weddings?

The Indian Couture is the best space to buy shararas online. We offer sharara dresses for almost every occasion. From a simple printed flare for an office fit to a heavily embellished bead fitting your wedding shenanigans, we have a wide range of bridal sharara online customised for our customers. Thus, our specialisation lies in customised designer sharara dress for your perfect look on your wedding day.

We have already designed dozens or shararas on special requests of our brides. We make custom bridal sharara for brides based on their preferences and choices.

To make your wedding day more memorable, contact us right away. You would want to open your wedding album frequently to check out your appearance, we're certain.


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